Two Rivers Steak & Fish House

Red Halo on Pasadena Two Rivers SignGableSigns was involved from the early stages of the development phase to help with the design of an exclusive sign package for Two Rivers Steak & Fish House in Pasadena, Maryland.  Working together with the owners and their team, a design was created to reflect and capture the restaurants ambiance.  


Two Rivers Steak & Fish House is a reflection of its hometowns history, local scenery and points of interest around Pasadena, including the name of the establishment which represents two major waterways that run  into the area.  

Two Rivers Sign Project By Gable Signs

To promote the new brand and the theme of the restaurant, GableSigns designed, fabricated and installed the sign package incorporating an illuminated lighthouse and a water design accent feature, made with special LED lighting.  

LED Tubing Creates River Effect On Sign