The World’s largest store in America, Macy’s Herald Square continues the tradition of being an inspiration and trendsetter to the retail industry since their origination in 1858. 

The flagship store that stretches over an entire block in the heart of New York City, houses 10 ½ levels of the latest fashions for you and your home, and has recently made some impressive modern updates, utilizing the latest in technology. 

Incorporating digital media into their store provides a vibrant new look and offers an exciting shopping experience and environment.  

When looking for a provider of high resolution digital products and an experienced team who can offer ideas and solutions, they turned to GableVision.  Offered by GableSigns, the GableVision brand encompasses a unique blend of technology, digital components, and digital marketing artistry.

As you walk through the main entrance, you are welcomed by a large custom digital video archway that showcases dynamic content and messages with animated graphics.  

Throughout the store you will find colorful platforms and backdrops of high resolution LED’s that are used as accents for showcasing mannequin exhibits and other digital displays. Featured in the shoe department is a full digital wall showcasing a variety of content from backdrop colors to full, larger-than-life graphics.  

By infusing digital technology into their store, Macy’s sets the bar for the future retail environment as they build on the tradition and heritage of their past.